On-Site Consultation

On-site consultations are generally one-on-one sessions with your employees in their work area, and are the perfect compliment to the Interactive Workshops. These consultations serve several purposes, detailed below.

* Apply classroom teaching directly to the job situation.

* Address the unique challenges of each job area.

* Answer personal as well as job related pain concerns.

* Identify and relay to employees their role in limiting injury at their workstation.


Take advantage of our newest and most powerful tool for one-on-one education, digital snapshots. Armed with a small digital camera with a T.V. screen built in, we can capture pictures of your employees moving and using proper (or improper) body mechanics, and then immediately show the employee their strengths and weaknesses right there on the spot! A quick review of the education they've already received will then be given. This is the best way to reinforce what has already been learned.