Back To Basics

The Employee Injury Prevention Specialists

We believe that "Bend Your Knees" is NOT enough!


Back To Basics has been dedicated to helping companies large and small reduce injuries and increase productivity through comprehensive on-site training and education for 20 years. We specialize in decreasing back injuries, but we can also help reduce carpal tunnel and other over-use and repetitive motion injuries. The "backbone" of our programs are the highly interactive workshops given by Sandra McKay and the on-site training and observation, but we have a host of other great services and products. Most of them are meant to increase the net effect of the core training. However, some of these can be helpful by themselves, and are ideal for those companies on a tight budget but who need to start somewhere. Whatever the budget, our goal is to help our clients realize a reduction in injuries that can result in a time loss or decreased productivity.


We are committed to providing the most effective products and services, most if not all of which are unique to Back To Basics, to reduce employee injuries.

We believe in showing the employee how to use the proper body mechanics to avoid injury, rather than simply telling them what to do to avoid it. Companies with strong support from management for a program that includes such training can--and should--expect results.

As a general rule, Back To Basics does not recommend the use of back-belts or back supports to it's clients for the prevention of back injury. These, we believe, tend to do more harm than good. (Click here to read what the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health has to say on the matter.) However, for those companies who have already committed to the implementation of back belts, we strongly recommend training in their safe and most effective use, which we can provide.